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Tax Services - International

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As U.S. companies continue to move toward more globally focused operations, more and more U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents that work for these companies are moving oversees for extended periods of time. This along with an increasingly complex regulatory environment and the IRS’s push towards more transparency from its citizens that live and work abroad, U.S. expatriates need to be more concerned with staying in compliance and ultimately out of trouble with the IRS. Beckles & Co. seeks to place more emphasis on tax return preparation accuracy and full disclosure rather than on advising clients toward aggressive tax structures that could get them in problems with the IRS.

We provide tax services for the following scenarios:

  • U.S. businesses with foreign operations
  • Foreign businesses with U.S. operations
  • U.S. citizens and residents with foreign activities
  • Non-resident aliens with U.S. activities

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